Wilco Source Staff Augmentation

Our core purpose is in creating and implementing innovative technology solutions, so we happen to know a thing or two when it comes to technology staffing.

The right talent at the right time

Wilco Source provides premium IT staff augmentation in addition to Salesforce consulting services. Our staffing methodology aims to mitigate client risk by providing immediate value with the right IT experts at the right time.

Extend your teams, not your budget

Projects often call for additional resources that can be hard to find and are not needed full-time. Staff augmentation offers the flexibility to extend your team’s capabilities by bringing in project-specific skillsets quickly and only for as long as they’re needed.

Technologists who know your industry

Proficiency in the skills and industry knowledge needed for your specific project. Regular post placement check-ins are scheduled with our provided staff to ensure consistent performance. When a project needs to be up and running quickly, it is essential to source talent that is familiar with your industry

Staffing with Wilco Source

Our IT staffing services are fast, flexible, and backed by our extensive cross-industry expertise in technology services. We build high performance technology teams with higher than average project success rates and we’re happy to help with any of your IT staffing needs.